Peachtree Accounting

 Implement Peachtree Accounting

Get control your accounting. We help improve your productivity with accounting features that can automate invoices, checks, and track employee payroll from which you can record customer payments, create budgets, and track sales, inventory, and expenses and 100+ reports and financial statements.

Peachtree Addon Solutions

Tariq Qazi Management Consulting, can develop Add-on Solutions according to your business requirements, which will work with Peachtree Accounting to enhance its functionality. Our professionals have developed and implemented add-ons like  Vouchers & Checks Printing,  Custom Reports,  Fee Management System for Schools and Bar code enabled sales and purchase manage.

 Get Your Human Capital Trained in PeachTree Accounting

Learn Peachtree Accounting from experienced professional consultants of TMR Consulting. Our trainings enable your team to get maximum out of the accounting system and use it effectively for the benefit of your organization.

Our trainings are both class-room trainings to elaborate the concepts and features of the Peachtree Accounting as well as over the computer trainings using case studies. Certificates are issued to the successful trainees after passing the test.

We ca customize our training according to your convenience and requirements.